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Glycolic acid peels are safe on darker skin types (Photo types 4-6). You can expect soft, supple, fresh skin with minimal to no down time! All this from just R850!

Benefits of glycolic acid chemical peels in all patients include treatment of the following common patient concerns:
• Pigmentation disorders (from melasma and chloasma to Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation)
• Freckles
• Acne; blackheads and white heads
• Acne and other scarring
• Enlarged pores
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Milia
• Rough skin
• Dry skin
• Oily skin For all chemical peels, it is important that patients follow the appropriate pre-peel and post-peel skin care routines with the products recommended by your doctor.

Sunblock is essential to protect your beautiful new skin! Call us at The Aesthetics HQ on 011 234 2009 or 011 039 2982 to book for a free consultation today.

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Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra is a common presenting condition at TAHQ, especially amongst darker skin types that we see (most often phototypes 4-6). As many as 40% of patients within these skin types suffer from the condition.

DPN is an extremely common condition, with a strong genetic component (so if your mom or dad or both has this condition, there is a good chance that you will too).

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra presents as numerous small brown or black skin lesions, measuring between 1-5mm in diameter. They are commonly found on the cheeks, forehead, temples and around the eye. DPN can also present on the neck, chest, upper back or trunk of the body.

These lesions are benign (not dangerous) and the only problem that they pose is that they are cosmetically unattractive.

Lesions from DPN often start in the teenage years. As you age, they may increase in size, number and incidence (spreading to more areas).

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra lesions will recur as it is genetic.

DPN can be effectively treated without permanent scarring at TAHQ using plasma technology. This quick, minimally painful procedure takes 15 – 20 minutes, and the costs start from R1000/session.

Call 011 234 2009 or 011 039 2982 to book a consultation with our trained, experienced therapists.
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At TAHQ I stock a wide range of nutraceuticals including anti-oxidants, as well as specialized intravenous anti-oxidant therapies. But what is an anti-oxidant and why do you need them?

Are you able to remember back to you high school chemistry classes? Chemical reaction equations the change of compounds on the left to form new compounds on the right of the equation. Nice and neatly balanced amounts of chemicals. 
Human metabolic chemistry, however, is not as neat as these equations. Organic chemistry has many weak reactions, that leave unstable, unbound molecules with unpaired electrons. The molecules desperately look for and bind the nearest stable molecule, and steal or donate electrons. The next molecule is now unstable, and the chain reaction of stealing and donating electrons damages and ages living tissue – your cells and your DNA.

Sounds like Greek? We call this process oxidative stress. 
Anti-oxidants counter oxidative stress by scavenging free radicals, which prevents and repair the damage that the free radicals cause. 

As humans, we produce very few of our anti-oxidants (only 3, in small amounts). All other anti-oxidants are required in supplements or in food. We need a daily intake of anti-oxidants for optimal health (think fruit and vegetables and vitamins!)

Your requirements for anti-oxidants increases especially when:
•  You smoke
•  You drink alcohol
•  You eat unhealthily
•  You’re overweight
•  You participate in strenuous exercise
•  You are ill
•  You are exposed to radiation (such as X-rays)
•  You are exposed to excessive sunlight
•  You are exposed to pollution
•  You are exposed to pesticides and herbicides

An increased intake of anti-oxidants decrease your risk and risk of complications of chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Your risk of cancer, infections and inflammatory diseases also decreases with anti-oxidant intake.

Some of the most important anti-oxidants to look for include:
•  Vitamin C
•  Beta carotene
•  Vitamin E
•  Co-enzyme Q10
•  Alpha lipoic acid
•  Resveratrol
•  Glutathione
•  Selenium
•  Melatonin
•  Curcumin
•  N-acetyl cysteine
•  Polyphenols

For pharmaceutical grade anti-oxidant supplements and IV infusions, call The Aesthetics HQ on 011 234 2009 or 011 039 2982 to book an appointment today. 

Yours in Health,

Why you should consider eLase™ at TAHQ!

New laser hair removal options such as TAHQ’s eLase™ have made laser hair removal safe and effective on all skin types – light or dark. The only criteria that a patient must meet now is the simple desire to removal unwanted body and facial hair.

While non-laser hair removal methods such as waxing, threading, shaving and epilation creams are time consuming and messy, eLase™ provides fast and painless hair removal for all areas.

With eLase™ laser hair removal say goodbye permanently to:

  • No more stubble and shadowing, cuts or skin irritation!
  • No more ingrown hairs!
  • No more chemical burns!
  • No more growing your body and facial hair for weeks for it to be long enough to wax or thread!

Instead, say hello to smooth, soft skin everyday with laser hair removal at TAHQ.

eLase™ sessions are performed every 4-6 weeks, and costs start from as little as R350/session!

Call 011 234 2009 or 011 039 2982 to book your appointment today! 

As we age, there is reduced activity of cells in the dermis called fibroblasts.  This results in decreased collagen, which means decreased skin elasticity, and less moisture in the skin which results in wrinkles and dehydration.
A big culprit of accelerated aging is sun damage - years of exposure causes photoaging, with the following results: 
•Broken cappillaries
•Dull and uneven skin texture
•Skin thickening or thinning
•Skin cancers
There are also changes in underlying supporting structures of the face and body as we age which can contribute to an older appearance.  These include:
•Bone loss 
•Dental changes
•Loss of fat pads
•Decreased muscle strength
•Muscle hyperactivity in the face 
All of these result in sagging skin and tissues, which add to the wrinkles.
So what can we do to help you?!
There are many treatments to help lift the sag caused by these changes non-surgically, as well as procedures to ease out the wrinkles and products to rehydrate the skin. Ideally you want to start BEFORE these changes are established, so feel free to contact us for a consultation to keep you looking as young as you feel!
Yours in Health,
Dr Claire Jacobsohn

Acne is a chronic condition affecting over 80% of the world-wide population in their lifetimes. It is a recurring condition, and flares up and remits over time without treatment. Growing out of acne is a myth!
Reasons why acne develops: 

• increased hormone levels and hormone imbalance - increased oil produced by sebaceous glands
• pores become clogged resulting in whiteheads and blackheads
• skin cells and skin turnover are not properly regulated
• increased inflammation within the skin
Treated for acne includes:

• Chemical peels
• Correct skincare
• PDT lights
• PlasmaTek
• Oral medication such as tretinoin

Yours in Health, 

Do you suffer from acne? Why not contact us for more information on how we can help you.

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