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The patented elos™ technology is a combination of radiofrequency and diode laser – making the eLase™ able to remove all hair colours, as well as being safe and effective on skin types 1-6. No matter how fair or how light your skin or hair, eLase™ is one of the most successful hair removal systems on the market.

The eLase™ is a painless procedure.
8-12 sessions are required are required as an average. These are performed 4-6 weeks apart depending on the area to be treated.
Maintenance sessions post treatment may be required from time to time, especially for hair growth that is hormone dependent.
Hair must be shaved at 24 hours before performing the treatment. The area cannot be waxed, sugared or threaded before your eLase™ treatment, as this will remove the bulb of the hair that the laser is targeting in your treatment.

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Book and pay for 3 Venus Viva treatments for (scarring, skin rejuvenation, stretchmarks, pigmentation, rosacea, broken cappallaries) and receive a free Optiphi stretchmark therapy suitable for scarring and strechmarks, worth R800! Valid for the month of April

Studies have shown that attractive people are usually hired sooner, get promotions more quickly, and are paid more than their less-attractive coworkers.

Attractive people earn an average of 3 or 4 percent more than people with below-average looks, according to Daniel Hamermesh, professor of economics at the University of Texas at Austin and author of the book "Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful."

Article Reference: READ MORE: Business Insider

Purchase any Optiphi chemical peel in April, and receive a free Refine-Foliant α β C! Refine-Foliant α β C is an active chemical exfoliant for smooth radiant skin, our triple advanced complex is designed to leave your skin looking toned, supple and refined. Call us on 011 234 2009 or 011 039 2982


In the wake of media furore after the airing of Mshoza’s treatments for MTVbase, I am not sure whether to be amused or to cry. I am surely horrified.

A playful piece on Nicki Minaj presented by Mshoza before her concert in SA had resulted in an ugly backlash. MTV’s angle was that Mshoza performs these treatments to look like her idol. As Mshoza lay there in her gown, cheerfully numbed from her injections, she introduced her top 10 Nicki Minaj songs.

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